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Striving for best passionate professionals

We are lucky and privileged to work in area that is our passion and talent. As like minded professionals , we are dedicated to team work on Internet, website development, graphics design and other related Internet business such as Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Social media promotion and Digital Marketing. We love to learn more about our customers needs, available technologies and possibilities to ensure maximum possible quality service and product.

We are also delighted to work in collaboration with esteemed professionals and business organizations in areas of Professional photography, content writing, programming and consultancy as business partners. We have beginner packages for newbies, freelance jobs, part times jobs and outsourcing opportunities. Its our pleasure to meet any individual or business who are skilled or interested to learn and partner with us in our areas of operation.

We Have Worldwide Business

Internet is every where so long as you have smartphone , computers or other device. As one of the most dynamic and robust technology, its coverage and usability is growing from time to time. It can be used to enhance personal, business, organizational or social performance and efficiency

Following this feature of Internet we are prepared to serve customers from different areas of business and part of the country, Ethiopia, or other part of the world.

Web Based Applications, Software and Internet Systems

We began our business as a website designing small firm with the then True Love Children Center , the Now True Love Community Transformation. We are working for them with good faith and built great cooperation with them since then in website design and redesign, domain name registration and hosting, photography and graphics design, and IT consultancy service. Then after we have successfully completed more than 75 websites and other related activities

Currently, we are working with various governmental organizations, non governmental organizations, businesses, individuals and religious organization in areas of web application development, graphics design, IT consultancy, photography and other Internet based systems.

Clean and Modern Design

Dynamic nature of the Internet and related technologies requires those business and individuals in the industry to have up to date knowledge and understanding of the overall internet trends in different parts of the world. To this end we, as a business organizations and passionate professionals are attuned to changes and updates to be competent and outstanding than others and to reap the fruits of our effort.

We have a regular trend of analyzing websites we have created , updating contents accordingly and replacing the obsolete ones with contemporary technology. Besides are make maximum effort to maintain backward and forward compatibility and follow the latest trends as much as possible.

24/7 Dedicated Support

We equality care about dedicated service and assistance our clients could be looking for as we do for development hand over activities to ensure sustenance and good faith with our customers. Unless stated explicitly agreement document one year full fledged technical assistance and maintenance is our responsibility. Bond that, though we are taking care of our backups and other technical issues, we are dedicated to helping clients in areas that are believed to be more efficient with us than our client organization.




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